SUNY GCC - 十大靠谱赌博平台

品牌指引、标志 & 模板

GCC adheres to strict guidelines when producing promotional materials to remain consistent with the GCC brand.



The buffer zone is the minimum distance that any other elements can be placed near the GCC logo. 这样可以确保logo在一个整洁的环境中保持突出. 缓冲区的大小总是与标识的大小成正比, 并且不应该被改变.海合会缓冲区

As shown here, the 缓冲区 is defined by the width (or height) of the letter “G” in GCC. 标志越小,“G”的空间就越小.

不要修改任何单个标志的大小或位置, 不要扭曲或拉伸商标, DO NOT omit any part of the logo (“Genesee Community College” may be removed if the logo is too small for the the text to be legible).


调色板 & 字体的家庭

在GCC公司标识中有三种认可的颜色:潘通黑色, 潘通285 C, 和潘通117 C. 彩通116 C是网页材料的可接受选择.

Designers may reverse text out of these colors, or print blue or black over yellow.

潘通285 C
潘通117 C
彩通116 C
C 0 m 0 y 0 k 100
C 90 m 48 y 0 k 0
C 7 m 27 y 100 k 12
C 0 m 14 y 100 k 0
R 35 g 35 b 35
R 0 g 114 b 206
R 201 g 151 b 0
R 255 g 205 b 0
#23 23 23
#00 72 CE
#C9 97 00
# ff CD 00


任何版本(粗体,中体,斜体等).) of Futura and Museo are to be used primarily by the College’s professional design team when expressing the GCC brand in a print environment.

For general college use in most Microsoft Office applications and for online environments (such as html), 建议采用以下替代方案:

  • 任何版本的Arial(代替Futura)
  • 格鲁吉亚(代替博物馆)

在设计文本时要谨慎, 记住,清晰易读的沟通永远是首要目标. 排版应该支持信息,而不是阻碍信息.

Please feel free to contact the MarCom Office when promoting events and activities to off-campus markets.

官方GCC格纹/格子呢使用政策 & 信息

Genesee Community College has an official plaid/tartan that is encouraged to be used by faculty, staff, 参加各种活动的俱乐部, 比如筹款产品和服务. 格纹图案在美国受版权保护.S. and the tartan is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, National Archives of Scotland. Both of these filings support the reserved rights to reproduce the specific plaid image and tartan weave.

格纹/格子设计是通过 时装设计专业,由 时尚的商品 program. 协作, this design has been used on projects on campus to encourage both the concept of design for the Fashion majors, 建立学院精神,巩固海合会品牌. 这些项目包括:

  • 男士领带(100%真丝)格子展示柜
  • 男士领结(100%真丝)
  • 女式丝巾(100%真丝)
  • 背心(100%全棉格子织)
  • 苏格兰方格呢短裙(100%纯棉格子织)
  • t恤,短 & 长袖(聚混纺)
  • 袜子(天琴弦/聚脂混纺)
  • 文具(纸)
  • Signage & 标志(纸)

格子的数据库历史日志 & tartan weave will be kept on all the projects created by our GCC Community which will serve as a history log as well as a resource highlighting successful products. The log will track all projects going on at one time and to avoid having competing products the same semester/year. 格纹/格子呢的使用不涉及成本.

所有带有格纹或格子花纹的物品均须附有版权标志: © 2015 在每个项目上. 可以打印出来, stamped, 染色或贴在最适合项目设计的标签上. Lettering should be in black, white, or one of the college specific hexadecimal/pantone colors.

A new design of a plaid pattern or a new tartan weave with the College colors would not be considered an official GCC plaid and should not be used as it is a competing product infringing on the existing Copyright. 保持品牌主题是很重要的, design and specific colors set forth through the College’s 市场营销 Communication Office. 没有使用学院官方颜色的格子布, 例如粉色/红色不会竞争或侵犯本版权, however it may require research to see if a different plaid or tartan is already Copyrighted or Registered. Please feel free to contact the Fashion Business Program to discuss any aspect of the plaid/tartan use or intended project.


  1. 完成 GCC格纹/格纹申请表格.
    The application information will become part of the historical use of the plaid/tartan on campus.
  2. 在申请被审查和批准后, a plaid image or weave count for the tartan will be provided to the lead person requesting the project.
  3. 可选择供应商进行产品开发. 可以推荐可能的供应商.
  4. Please be sure to apply or have vendor apply the © 2015 copyright symbol and year of copyright filing to the plaid on the product.
  5. 项目进行中及完成后, 为数据库历史日志发送产品的电子映像.
  6. 如果适用,张贴任何图像相关的 # GCCPLAID 对于在线关注者.

宣传 & 校园活动营销

GCC有各种各样的方式来推广校园活动. For a more detailed description of marketing an event or newsworthy piece through MarCom, 请参阅英文教材第47- 49页 海合会品牌标准手册.


To promote your event through the MarCom department’s press releases, please remember the following:

  • Understand the “five W’s” (Who, What Where, Why, When) and include this information.
  • Time, date, location, title, 联系信息, 与会者费用, 事件的一般描述和唯一性.
  • 需要充分通知公关部. 建议6周.
  • 活动的照片使新闻稿更有吸引力.
  • 我们的作者从其他链接中受益, videos, quotes, or outside information to assist in their understanding of the event in order to better describe your event to editors.
  • 公关部向佐治亚州的一些出版物分发新闻稿, 利文斯顿, Orleans, 怀俄明县, 以及布法罗和罗切斯特地区. If you would like your press release sent to a specific publication outside of these regions, 请在您的新闻稿请求中注明.
  • 如果您想申请新闻稿或其他公关部服务,请填写 公关部申请表格.

Flyers & 公告板

  • 优点:容易生成纸质传单.
  • 缺点:需要多份复印件贴在各个校园网站的公告栏上.
  • How to:
    • 巴达维亚的校园 -所有传单必须经过批准并盖章 & 由学生活动办公室张贴. Please 检讨传单指引 在提交传单之前, as flyers that fail to meet these guidelines will be removed nightly from the 公告板.
    • 大学生村 -传单可透过办公室内部邮件直接寄往大学村. 他们将接受114 - 1/2页的传单,这些传单将放在居民的门上. 如有任何问题,请直接致电(585)343-0163与学院村联系.
    • 校园中心 – Send 2 copies each for all six campus centers via Intercampus mail – Size: 8 ½ x 11”.


  • 优点:论坛上的任何人都可以阅读.
  • Cons: Banner must be produced off campus and funded by the individual department, permission to hang should be received through Buildings and Grounds before ordering a banner.
  • How to: Process a work order with Buildings and Grounds before hanging AND to be taken down.

myGCC -当前事件模块

  • 优点:由当前的myGCC用户看到
  • Cons: Users have to be logged into myGCC; not on every page
  • How to: This is from the Events Calendar; your event must already be on the calendar to appear here.

myGCC -内部(校园/个人公告)

  • 优点:可以将公告“定位”给特定的子群体, 可以创建非常特定的子组, 可以包含扩展文本.
  • 缺点:读者必须登录才能看到公告, 当通告太多的时候, 它们“模糊”在一起.
  • 如何:创建包含编辑文本的帮助台呼叫.


  • 优点:每个人来到校园都会看到它.
  • Cons: Extremely limited text, (10) words or less, not easy to read especially if traffic is moving.
  • How to: 完成公关部申请表.


  • 优点:任何使用卫生间隔间的人都可以阅读.
  • 缺点:月刊, 仅供业务办公室用于一般业务流程信息, 不用于一般事件公告.
  • 如何:联系商务办公室获取更多信息.


  • 优点:科技大楼里的人很容易看到大屏幕.
  • Cons: These screens are only in the Tech Building, do not connect to campus centers.
  • 如何:用你的信息制作幻灯片. Recommended 20 or fewer words (your display is only visible for 8 seconds) Save your slide as a .jpg file. Email media@pos024.net with the slide, as well as the start and stop dates to be shown (maximum of one month).


  • Pros: Publicly available on the external website, user can subscribe to the calendar.
  • 缺点:读者必须去日历,只有文本.
  • 如何:联络举办活动的办事处(记录, 学生活动, Theatre, 艺术画廊, Library, MarCom). Create a 帮助台 call for an event, including all the information and edited text.



These 社交媒体指南 govern the publication of and commentary on 社交媒体 by faculty, staff, 和海合会学生组织. 为本指南的目的, 社交媒体是指任何用于在线发布和评论的设施, 包括但不限于博客, wikis, 以及Facebook等社交网站, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, 和YouTube. These guidelines complement any existing or future College policies or guidelines regarding the use of technology, 电脑, 电子邮件和互联网.



Follow GCC on 社交媒体 to stay up to date on the latest news, activities, events and contests. 通过提及我们或使用#sunygcc,让我们加入您的GCC冒险.